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With over 40,000 runners in this year’s Blue Cross Broad Street Run, it was a beautiful day for the challenge.  The 36th annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run kicked off Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.  The Broad Street Run starting line is at Broad Street and W. Fisher Avenue. The Blue Cross Broad Street Run course is a 10-mile, point-to-point course (named one of the fastest 10-mile courses in the country by Runner’s World) starts at the Central High School Athletic Field at Broad Street and Somerville Avenue.  Our own Jackie Murphy Danielsson finished the race in an hour and 30 minutes!  She ran a 9 minute mile beating her personal best 12 minutes faster than last year.Jackie Murphy Broad street run

Jackie (seen here with her friend Kim who also ran the race) fueled the temple with a protein drink to turbo boost her run.  And of course to keep her steps in a timely stride, Jackie was motivated by tunes like Eminem, Macklemore and Sting. The course is a pleasing run past the varied neighborhoods of Philadelphia along Broad Street. The race finishes inside the Philadelphia Navy Yard at the end of Broad Street in South Philadelphia.  Congratulations to Jackie for her triumphant race.

Jackie murphy cecily tynan 6abcJackie and Cecily Tynan in 2014 Broad Street Run