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June Rich Thanks Fern Brodkin for the write up.

Ticket – For Digital First Media

It was 1995 and June Rich arrived seemingly out of nowhere. They emerged from Manayunk’s Grape Street Pub and essentially took reign as the best band in Philadelphia within a matter of months.
How did it happen? Of course, the band had a special chemistry — newcomer vocalists/songwriters Vanida Gail and Jackie Murphy backed by Philly area veterans Garry Lee, Allen James and Ronny Crawford. They were instantaneous crowd favorites. And when they released their eponymous debut CD (Longview Records, 1995), Philly’s influential non-commercial Triple A radio station WXPN quickly jumped on board as well.
Bruce Warren, WXPN’s associate general manager for programming, said in an e-mail interview, “We’re psyched that June Rich are getting together for this show. They’ve always held a special place in our hearts.”
Gail recalled that it all got started at a party. She heard Murphy singing “an Indigo Girls song and I knew it,” said Gail, in a phone interview from her home. “So I chimed in and started harmonizing with her and (we) clicked right away. Then, we went out to Colorado and lived (in) Crested Butte for about a year and a half.”   Read more..