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Who Is June Rich?

So which one is June?  I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten the question “Which one is June and which one is Rich?”.  One would think there would be someone in the band named June Rich.  However, the name was derived from one of the most unique happen stances.  When Jackie decided to pursue her love for the outdoors and move to Crested Butte (a beautiful little ski town in the mountains of Colorado),  she also convinced Vanida that she too should move to Crested Butte to take a break from Philadelphia and where they could concentrate on their music.  In a short amount of time, the girls were inspired by the mountain views and honing their skills as singer/songwriters in that secluded little paradise deep in the valleys of the Colorado Rocky mountains.  They were living there and working among other folks that were recent transplants as well.  At the time, Crested Butte’s population was around 1,019 and the girls were playing twice a week at the Forest Queen hotel and bar to a packed house every time.  They were known just as Jackie and Vanida or “the girls” are playing tonight.

June Rich-duo-image-2butteThey shared a small apartment in town and had a roommate who was going by the alias June Rich.  No, she wasn’t running from the law or placed there for witness protection.  Tamera, her given name, was like many ready for a change in self and scenery when she became a Crested Butte transplant.  Since the girls were not very good at self promotion, they too wanted something different to call themselves rather than their given names. And I, Karen, can attest to the fact that self promotion was not their thing because it was like pulling teeth to get them to announce on stage that they had CD’s to sell and a mailing list to promote.  Anyway, they decided if it’s good enough for Tamera it’s good enough for them to be called June Rich.  Obviously, it traveled well when they came back to Philly and added other musicians to the group.  Once they started playing around in Philly and recorded their debut CD as June Rich, there was no going back.  So, when I would get the question “Which one is June?”, it always made me LOL..